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Mobile Dog Grooming Is a Walk in the Park for Your Pup with Oil City Groomers

Call the dog groomer who comes to you in Casper, WY

Did you know that dog grooming improves your furry friend’s health? A healthy dog is a happy dog, and Oil City Groomers believes that a happy dog also makes a happy family. When your best friend needs to be washed and clipped, you can call our family owned and operated mobile dog grooming service in Casper, WY. Our self-taught dog groomer will come to your location and leave your doggy looking great, smelling fresh and feeling like a puppy again.

3 reasons to choose mobile dog grooming

Mobile pet grooming is a convenient option for you and your doggy. You should choose mobile pet grooming because:

  1. Your furry friend will get a bath and cut without the stress of driving to a shop.
  2. You won’t have to plan your day around dropping off and picking up your buddy from the groomers.
  3. You can easily schedule pet grooming for multiple pets and forget about the hassle of coaxing the whole pack into your car.

It’s also a good option for elderly pet owners or older dogs who aren’t able to leave the house. Call today to schedule your mobile pet grooming appointment with Oil City Groomers of Casper, WY.

Mix and match our pet grooming services

We offer full dog grooming and mini dog grooming services. You’re welcome to mix and match our services, depending on your dog’s needs. Call today to ask about our pricing, and we’ll clean your pup from head to paw.